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Best home video camera to use with C4 and the new media player


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A couple of guys have hinted on using camcorders to record home movies straight into H264 mode.

Which cameras are you guy's using?

This sounds a very cool idea as in theory you could plug the camera straight in and the movie player could start steaming the file (we know H264 format is compatible)

But just how is this best set up and which camcorder would be best to buy?

I reckon one you could just plug straight into your network. Even one that has wireless IP address capability. Just turn it on and bingo....the media player streams the home movie straight off the camera! Anywhere in the house.

Or email it straight to a friend. Or put it straight onto youtube. No stuffing around downloading files etc..No plug in wires into different TV inputs. Therefore no drivers needed.

One like this http://www.scribd.com/doc/25036210/CES-2010-Samsung-HMX-S15-HMX-S16-Wireless-HD-camcorders

or this www.gatzet.com/hitachi-camcorder-with-wireless-hd-video-streaming-capability.html

You guy's think these would work? :P

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