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AT&T Uverse remote code mappings


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Does anyone know how to successfully map Uverse remote comamnds to C4? I have tried updating the macro to capture the IR codes from the Uverse remote but can't seem to get the box to respond to my IR flashes when I perform the task using the mapped buttons on the C4 remote.

Any history or input anyone may have on getting Uverse integrated into my C4 system is greatly appreciated.



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I just finished adding the uverse box to my system. I did not program the remote, I just used the out of the box driver for the Motorola box that AT&T uses. To ensure a tight fit and shielding, I prefer a little black tape :-p over the sensor. The only button I noticed is missing is the "back" button so when you are browsing dvr or on demand, you need to start over each time, which is a little annoying. I have not decided on which button to reprogram... Maybe the recall ?

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