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How can I use a button as a "page" if it is already used?


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How can I program one of my 3 button keypad (KPZ-3B1-W) as a "press and hold" to be used as a "page" for my 250 remote when all the buttons are already being used for other things?

Right now in my theater room on one wall I have two dimmer and one 3-button keypad...

Dimmer-1 main lights,

Dimmer-2 sconces,

Keypad Button-1 controls dimmer-3 ( at top of stairs ),

Button-2 "Theater On" powers up all A/V lighting,

Button-3 "Good Night" powers it all down.

I am wanting to be able to "hold" Keypad Button-1 down for about 3sec which would send a "page" to my 250 remote, but still be able to power the stairs light with Button-1.... Can this be done?

I was trying to follow the steps in both "How To's" (How to "page" your SR-150/250 remote) and (How to create a dimmer/switch/keypad press and hold) and put them both together, but got myself a little lost.

Can you show me how to do this?


David S

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I think it'd be better to do press and hold on one of the other buttons, that's not linked to use as lighting control.

i.e. Press and hold the 'goodnight' button to find remotes.

Pressing and holding the button that is controlling the lights will cause the lights to ramp up. Pressing and holding the 'goodnight' button won't have that effect.


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ok just to offer another idea, I would have button 2 turn on theater, and if it's on then goodnight, that way you can use button 3 for other things, page remote, whatever, just a thought

That's a good idea as well. Have the 2 button act as a toggle.

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