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The new C4 enabled Kwikset locks are the only ones that have ZigbeePro and work with Control4 out of the box.

I have one on my house and so far, it's working fine.

Thank you for responding. Would someone please be able to tell me from which site I can buy it from. I've also heard that one could buy a Black & Decker lock. Any info on that?

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I had 4 installed last week. I love them. I have been able to log into the house via 4sight while in the keys and make sure all the doors are locked at night for the kids. One night I actually locked the garage entry door while everyone was asleep.

Deadbolts are great, make sure the door frame is reinforced so they do a better job.

By the way the "kids" are 19 and 22.

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I'm looking for ideas to maximize the "coolness" factor of the zigbee pro deadbolt.

Obvious things:

when locking- arm security system, set house to an 'away' mode for random lighting etc.

when unlocking: disarm alarm system, turn on lights in entry, send email notification (SMS) to owner.

What things are you using it for that I haven't thought of?

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