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Editing Drivers


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I HATE it when I add a device, make bindings, yadda, yadda, then find out that an input/output was missing, or even an IR code missing or wrong, etc.

I hope there's some thought going into the whole driver management within Composer. There's got to be a way to edit a driver's I/O options and then refresh the project or something.

Also, when editing a driver's IR while already in a project it would be nice to have a way to update that to the "stored" driver.

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I agree 100%. I understand why you cannot modify I/Os (Although I think it's dumb), and the fact that if you edit a driver that is running it doesn't automatically copy if to your local machine is a bit annoying.

I have like 10 of the same drivers on my machine, that if I forget to export the driver when I'm done with the job I'm stuck.

I've used a naming convention (by adding v2, v3, v4) at the end of the name so at least I can identify it when I'm trying to edit it.

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