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I've thought about using Asterisk. Se ideas I had are:

-using a phone handset to issue C4 commands (lile an IVR)

-calling in to remotely get status or issue commands

-notification from Asterisk to C4 (I like setting LEDs on dimmers different colours)

-voice commands for C4

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^ thecodeman - i was mostly wondering if something had already been done since you can run XML programs on the Cisco phones. i know the OpenPeak stuff is supposed to talk ZigBee, but just wondering about Cisco integration. Most people wouldn't be running this in their homes, but it sounds like there are a lot cutting edge folks on this site who may be interested.



^ bog - that sounds like some good stuff. since asterisk is open source this seems possible with a good programmer.

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I plan on doing some of this integration when I get my house built. Should be fairly easy to sniff a touchscreen or navigator and work backwards from there. Then you would just have to write a simple xml web app to broker the conversation between the phone and the director.

Let me know if you get started. I work at Cisco and might be able to help or contribute.

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