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Russound Cav6.6 programming help using 1.7.3


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Hi sorry to be so dumb but I can't get the control 4 serial driver to turn off a russound zone using the room off button. I've looked at the screen shots included in the driver instructions but they don't match what I see when I go into programming (I'm using Composer 1.7.3 and I don't have the audio or video tags in the menu.

How do I program the system to turn the room off and on? Please can someone help this is driving me nuts!!

If the russound keypad in the room is off and I select a device on the C4 remote nothing happens, if I adjust the volume up or down on the C4 remote the Russound keypad wakes up and shows the device I have selected. But when I try and turn the room off with the remote the display on the remote shows the device as off (doesn't appear in the remotes display anymore) but the keypad remains.

Any ideas or help would be great.


To recap, the Russound system selects the correct inputs, and the volume and mute works fine, its just the turning off and on that either doesn't work or is a bit strange.

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I'm using a Russound cav 6.6 in my home for audio distribution and it integrates perfectly with my hc300. I used the driver available on this site. Works perfectly and I do not have any issue with zones not being able to be turned on or off.

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