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Ability to comment programming code


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One thing I feel would be helpful would be the ability to comment my code in ComposerHE so that when I pull up something if I dont remember why I did something (ie put in a delay somewhere, or cant remember exactly which variables/contacts/buttons are tied together) if I commented it then I can figure it out easily.

As my project gets more complex with more programming in it I find it takes me more and more time to figure out what I did a few weeks ago... especially since some of the things I did back then werent necessarily the best way to do things so then it takes me a while just to find the programming before even trying to understand it (for example if I programmed a multitap using programming under press & release rather than under release then variable).

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excellent idea.

also would like some sort of visible programming tree per variable or however c4 wants to structure.

in other words, because im learning as i go myself, sometimes i cause the action to occur when the button is pressed (variable tested), sometimes i cause the action to occur when the variable is toggled and sometimes i cause the action to occur in programming once the variable is retested. i have become more consistent, but it would be helpful if c4 could show me all the places a variable occurs in my programming.

basically its the trail of breadcrumbs for programmers. i'd like to be able to see all the occurrences of a variable or really other things too.


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