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DS2 User Code Programming

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I am sure this is a basic question on DS2 programming but I can't get this to work for some reason (using Composer Home) so would appreciate any guidance!

I have a DS2 which unlocks two gates.  One gate is connected to the relay and another to the output.  I know both work because Control4 can control both gates correctly.  I want to add some codes to unlock the gate.  I have tried entering three different codes for each of Relay1, Output1 and Virtual User Code for Directory Position 2 and I have added programming for when "User Code 1 Entered" and "User Code 2 Entered" (I wasn't sure which matched Directory position 2).  I know the programming is correct because I have copied it from elsewhere (the "'Main Gate' UI Button Pressed") which works.

At the DS2, I have tried entering the codes, entering the codes and then pressing the key button and also tried with the ring button.

Is there something I am doing wrong or missing?

Thank you!

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I just tried with a different directory user and a simple 4 digit code turning a light on but no result.

I tried changing "Debug Mode" to "Log" but nothing appears on the Lua screen - should it?  When I tap the keys on the DS2, it makes a noise and when I press the key button, it makes a different noise.  I'm starting to wonder if the keypad is not wired correctly (but it does make a noise when you press a key so it is connected somehow).  The main doorbell button works but I think this is wired separately so I don't think that helps.

Is there anything else I can do to test this?

Thank you

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I just logged into the web interface and in the events log it shows me entering the codes so the keypad must be working.  I don't know if "valid" should say true?  Thanks!

29 Jun 19:37:13 CodeEntered ap=0, session=22, direction=in, code=1234, input=keypad, valid=false
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I’m not at home at present so difficult to test this.  I suspect “false” means this is not one of the saved user codes.  To confirm I am right, you could add a line of code to turn on a different light if an invalid code is entered. This is another event on the driver.  

If that light turns on then your problem is that you are not creating your user codes correctly.

Remember to remove all the test programming turning on lights or you will have some fun in time to come!

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Thank you!  Very helpful to debug - the light turned on for the invalid user code.  So it means I am not creating user codes correctly.  This is what I have done - something is wrong with this?  Are there other settings I need to set in order for the code to be valid (e.g. user name or current user call group?  Thank you



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Couple of things

I don't think you can use Position 1

Start with 2 press set. Put a user name in press set and add a virtual user code and press set.

Test with the conditionals on the programming tab.

I do think there are issues with the driver regarding printing the directory in lua and losing codes during updates etc. just do a system backup often.

The ds2 with a keypad is a very nice Control4 device. I use them at our office and warehouse doors and gates so I can track egress. I wish it were smaller and looked more residential friendly

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For other’s reference, you need to assign a user name for the code to work. Only when I posted the screenshot above did it strike me that this might be a required field.

Thank you everyone for the help. The “invalid code” test was particularly helpful to see what was happening.

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