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Leviton, HomeKit, Control4 integration

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New build home comes with Leviton WiFi dimmers, Apple HomePod minis and HomeKit.

is there a driver to integrate the dimmers into Conttol4?

There seems to be control through a Leviton ap, Alexa, Google, IFTTT and a driver that exposes C4 devices to HomeKit but not the other way around.  Short of replacing with C4 dimmers or keypad dimmers is there a way to use them with Control4?

(Looks like these are Matter compatible.  Is there C4 support for Matter devices?)


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Ok.  Home Bridge, HomeKit, Home Assistant.  Know nothing about them but can research.

But what do I use for “and integrate HA into C4”?


And I want C4 to control HA devices, not the other way around.

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55 minutes ago, chopedogg88 said:

sounds messy.  never heard of a new construction home "coming with" a bunch of smart devices?

It does, doesn’t it?   This is apparently part of their marketing plan for a “High Performance Home”.

Home comes with Apple HomePod minis, Doorbell cam (Ring maybe?), Leviton WiFi dimmers (D26HD), some (model unknown to me) mesh router, Honeywell smart thermostat, geofencing support (?) using Apple HomeKit to control.  

I had a meeting with the LV contractor this morning.  These cannot be deleted for credit or individual equipment changed/upgraded and I can’t have my preferred installer prewire anything.  :(

Comes with one outlet with Cat6/Coax ports home run to a wiring closet (the actual closed in BR2).  Probably going to add 2x more Cat runs to those locations (HDMI balun, audio back feed), a conduit to the attic and do everything else post-close.

Will  probably ditch the WiFi dimmers (retail about $40 each) and get c4 switches/keypad dimmers, but there may be some other stuff they have setup in HomeKit I don’t know that I may want to integrate, hence my initial question.


I heard some other potential buyers going “Oh - that’s so cool!” and I’m like “oh crap.”

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