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Mobile navigator in a vehicle


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Hey guys;

OK, I totally new here. I do high end custom mobile audio. Lots of motorization on anything that moves, cars, bikes, jetski's. I have 19 magazine front covers, & 59 magazine features. I have vehicles every year at Sema & CES.

I have a Ford Expedition with motorized 32" LCD, full motorized bar & lots more. Im planning on installing a control4 system in the Expedition & we want to control all audio, video motorization, thats no problem.

Im going to replace the Head unit with an Apple I-Pad & I want to use the mobile navigator on it & I was wondering if anyone can guide me as to getting a cutom GUI where we can change the look of the interface to look like a Car Radio & have all the slider controls for the different actions we want to do.

I can send pics & video of the Expedition & some of the other projests I have done just to give an idea of what we do. If any of you guys are into car audio just google David "The Fishman" & you will find out who I am & what I do.

For the last 20 years I have done some of the most outrageous installs in the industry, & have done things to cars others said would never work. One of my trade marks, fully funtional fishtanks in my installs.

I would really appreciate any help on this. I think it would be awesome to incorporate the Control4 into the vehicle Im doing right now that will be at the DUB magazine booth in SEMA 2010


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Holy freakin crap, I have tons of Car Audio and Electronics magazines from years and years with your work. For those of you who might not know, Dave is THE guy when it comes to ultra high end installation and fabrication in the mobile a/v arena. The work that this guy does is sick, and I mean blow your mind type installs. Ok, I'm done gushing now. As far as the GUI you are looking for, 2.0 is going to be the ticket on that. As for right now, it's pretty limited to the standard circle of power layout. 2.0 will be flashed based with alot more in the way of customization and whatnot. I look forward to seeing the merger of Control4 in a mobile environment. I actually got my start in the 12v world, so I can appreciate the union. Keep us posted, I've linked a page from CAAE so folks can see your skills.


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