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DTVPAL DVR by Dish Network

Alton Rhymes

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Has anyone successfully integrated one of these into C4? I have one that has been nothing but a pain in the arse. Tried learning the codes on a HC300 and it takes the first button push and won't respond to ir after that. So I try a Media Controller and with a lot of jigging and jawing and stomping, I was able to get all the codes learned. I messed with the repeat counts going up down sideways backways whichever way I could make it change with limited success. I replaced the ir emitter with no luck. I read each and every post I could find in regards to Dish Network, double checked everything and still not much luck. The remote says it is a 5.3 IR remote. It looks just like a dish network remote (DUH!!) and the DTVPAL remote address is 01. According to Dish Network Tech Support (who really didn't want to help because I don't have an account with them) this thing should be using the same codes as any other dish network box. So I tried several different Dish drivers still with limited success. For those who don't know what this is, The DTVPAL DVR is a Digital Off Air Tuner with DVR functionality without a monthly subscription service. You can record up to 2 HD Off Air Stations at once. If I ever get this thing working flawlessly I may just start bidding it into all jobs. Any Help will be greatly appreciated.

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