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Apple Music Announced on Instagram


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5 minutes ago, RAV said:

Release Notes:
Paywall (4sight/Connect) because DRM decryption license fee
Core because intensive decryption process
1 stream per Apple account for whole system (multiple unique apple accounts gets multiple streams, 1/ea account)

So a CORE Lite will work but not an EA5? 

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20 minutes ago, ekohn00 said:

Sounds Fantastic (other than needing 4sight)!

Can anyone confirm, this is NOT via Airplay and running as native as the Sirius or tidal apps?

Anyone have a screenshot of the Apple Music Menu?

This is a fully native integration, no Airplay or non-Control4 hardware required.  I've attached a couple screenshots as reference.


Screenshot 2024-07-09 092236.png

Screenshot 2024-07-09 092210.png

Screenshot 2024-07-09 092425.png

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This is very interesting… it will be interesting to see whether I (and others like me) move back to Apple Music having very reluctantly moved to Tidal a few years ago in order to get good (great) integration.

Does an Apple family account mean that one can play multiple streams in the same way as a Tidal family account allows multiple streams.  Also, does 1 Core controller (or Triad) in the project allow multiple stream throughout the project even though this device does not provide the relevant number of physical connections into the environment?

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