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Standalone audio system?


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24 minutes ago, msgreenf said:

Next best would be heos but it limitations

Disagree, would say next best is Blusound, but similar limitations.


In all cases (Heos, Bluesound or Sonos) in order for it to seamlessly integrate into a standing C4 audio streaming setup, you'd need a 'base' unit to feed it rca/optical (for Blusound and Sonos you'd use their Node/Port) and then a speaker (or however many speakers) to actually play it. That Node/Port would do NOTHING other than be a trans-coder/transmitter, making it an expensive option (at least so for a single speaker). That said that DOES work very well, is seamless in timing and from a user perspective works no different than if you had any other zone in the system

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Let me elaborate on my goal.

In my backyard, we have a deck that is quite far away.

I would like to be able to bring a Wifi enabled speaker onto the deck like this: https://www.bose.ca/en/p/speakers/bose-portable-smart-speaker/PORTSS-SPEAKERWIRELESS.html

I would then like to add the speaker to the system as its own "room" so when I have audio playing throughout the system it can be added to that session.


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I do what SpencerT mentions but since its bluetooth you need to be within a range.

Off my C4 matrix I have RCA Cables > rca over ethernet > ethernet > rca over ethernet > bluetooth transmitter in a guest bedroom as I had some spare ethernet runs in there.  that bedroom is across the hall from a guest bathroom that we use often for parties when groups are over and we wanted music in there.  I have a "guest bathroom" room already, so the audio endpoint is that output on my matrix which does the RCA>ethernet>RCA>bluetooth transmitter path.  as for a speaker, we just use an amazon alexa since its bluetooth enabled and a speaker.

it works since the transmitter across the hall from the bathroom but re: WHA, there is a very slight, but to me annoying, delay with all the other zones so eventually I am going to put speakers in the bathroom and hardware it to a C4 amp.  is the delay inherent to bluetooth in general, the transmitter specifically I have, etc, I do not know... 

since you are going outdoors with this any delay may be a non issue.

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