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Deciding on network switch.


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I am a brand new Control4 dealer, haven't installed any products yet. My first products should arrive tomorrow. Trying to figure out what networking products I am going to use. Trying to standardize my equipment from the get go. So after a couple of hours of reading thru posts I have decided to use:

Linksys WRVS4400n wireless router

Linkys WAP4400n WAP

Not sure on the switch though.

Looking for probably 2 options. probably a 8 port POE switch, and a 16 or 24 port POE for larger jobs. I would like to find one that is rack mountable. Not sure how many are, as I haven't seen any info on rack mountable on mfg websites

But after reading thru the forums I it should likes these are good ones.

Netgear FS116PNA (16 port/8 POE) $250

Procurve switch1800 (they have a 8 and 24 port) $150/$400 I read this was good but not POE.

Any issues using either switch with the above router? Should I be looking at smething else. Not necessarily looking to go cheap, but budgets are always something to be concious of. Thinking of something in the few hundred dollar range. I tried to find info before posting, but other data was rather old, or I didn't find it.

Thanks for help.

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