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Show room alarm


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Hi all,

I need advice to equipped my future showroom with an alarm system I need to do the following :

- Detection when windows open/close

- Detection when door open/close

- Being able to set alarm per zone, 2 zones or whole house (expendable zones) using touch screen or TV GUI

- Motion detector (when alarm off can they serv as trigger for ligth ?)

- Being able to set alarm code using touch screen or TV GUI

- Smoke detector detection

- Garage door opening (only Card access)

That is all of what I think for now, if you have any other ideas let me know.

I had a look at DSC and Card Access, DSC apparently can do all this, but how all this will look on screen ? does this work well with C4 ? I didn't see wired solution for all this, is it good to use wireless with all this ?

What would be the best out of DSC and Card Access ? Can I mix both on one project, if I do so, does this means the customer will to go to two different places on GUI to get to DSC or Card access ?

Thank you for your help,


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