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-Added FAQ to Announcements Section.

-Moved Dealer Access Directions to FAQ (instead of having it on the top of the board on every page).

-Added a couple of FAQs.

-Moved threads with resolution (someone answered the question, or uploaded the file) from "File Requests" to "File Discussion". Left a "Moved" sticky for backtracking purposes. Will do this as well in the future without updating here (for cleanliness' sake).

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- Added moving individual posts for more fine-grained moderation.


- Added database entry to start collecting usage stats to monitor board activity accurately - public view will be live in next few days.

- Modded user count to reflect total of current active users (...and still display members & guests)

- Cleaned up Resolved/Not Resolved/Remove Mark (by removing hyperlink under icons)


- Moved "My Profile" next to username (from toolbar) for easy customizations of your board settings.

- Added "title" next to username.

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- Added "back to top" at bottom of thread.

Dan & Andy

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Added "push the envelope" forum. I noticed alot of creative ideas with control4 integrating with thirdparty devices. In an effort to allow a home for the following, we've created this forum:

* "it would be cool if..."

* "i tried this out, and here are my results...."

* "i really think this could be possible, and not sure how..."

As always, open to thoughts...


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* changed "FAQ & Announcements" -> "Forum Help & Announcements". It seems we're getting a few more questions specific to this board. This is a good home for those Q&A's.

* adjusted footer to reflect more compact & readable board statistics. (consolicated topics/posts, updated hit count message)

* cleaned up alot of the messages by moving them into their correct forum. No more bulk posts in "General Discussion". Trying to get a handle on the forum topics by placing them in their correct home.

* Considering adding "Rumor Mill" Forum under discussions. Not sure if any is interested? Please let me know...

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I think you should delete all "bradcdnhome" posts and his user ID. He is a spammer looking to up his search status. Notice the link he has in his posting. The period at the end of his statement is a link. this is a tactic used to have many sites linked back you his site to increase his search stats.

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