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netgear wnr3500 router and control4 hc300


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I have just changed routers to the netgear wnr3500 (v2) and was wondering if anyone has experienced the following or understands what is happening with my system.

With a motorola 2210 dsl modem connected to the above router, the HC300 seems to work perfectly. I made changes to the modem to allow for "bridge mode" bridging the modem to the router, then making the necessary adjustments to the router. After rebooting the control4 (and all other devices) I noted that the control4 hc300 is extremely sluggish (the c4 on screen display) on all my monitors. A number of button presses would not register without multiple presses. I then converted the modem and router back to its original state (not bridged), and the hc300 returned to its normal functional state.

Does anyone know what is going on with this scenario?????

Thanks in advance.

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Did you confirm that all of the IP information was correct on the HC?

I'd bet that it didn't update the gateway info and that was the issue.

Static assign and IP to the controller, OUTSIDE of the DHCP range of the new router and ensure that the gateway and DNS information is correct on the HC.

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Thanks for reply. Will try. Not an expert so not exactly sure how to do what you are saying.....but will attempt to do the following and let me know if I dont understand or need to do differently:

1. bridge modem

2. make changes to router

3. go into router configuration and assign a static ip to controller.

Is that correct? Didnt quite understand assigning an ip outside range of router.....

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