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How many speakers on an 8-zone amp?


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I've currently got 5 pairs of speakers each on their own zone of an 8-zone / 16-channel C4 amp (v2). I am planning to add 4 more pairs of speakers.

To my question: I would like to put the in-ceiling speakers in the master bedroom and master ensuite (4 speakers in total) onto a single zone so I don't need to go buy more hardware. All speakers are 8-ohm... and I know that I can connect them in series for 16-ohms, or in parallel for 4-ohms. But I can't find the v2 amp specs... what impedance range is it able to handle? Is there going to be a problem having 8-ohms on 7 zones and 4- or 16-ohms on 1 zone of the same amp?

If this is really a bad idea, is there a cheap solution? Keep in mind I really am happy with the idea that bedroom and ensuite are locked together.

Thanks in advance,


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