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Lighting programming help (suspect easy fix!)


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I am trying to program garage light dimmer so that I can either get Function 1: turn light on and initiate a timer (primary functionality) or Function 2: turn light on, top LED turns red (rather than default blue). The issue I have is top LED turns red regardless of Function 1 or 2 above and am not sure if timer activated or not.

I planned on the following:

Single Tap:

light turns on and timer kicks in for 10 min, top LED color is the default (blue)

Double Tap:

light turns (not on a timer) and top LED turns red (indicating that I need to turn light off vs single tap timer activation)

Program #1 When the variable Variables>Garage Multitap changes

?If variables>Garage Multitap EQUAL 1

Start timer "Garage Light"

?If variables>Garage Multitap EQUAL 2

Set top LED on the Garage>Overhead to Red when on

Variables>Garage Multitap=0

Also tried alternate programming without multitap (Program #2) as follows but also got red LED regardless of button press time:

When Garage top button is pushed

>Reset timer "Garage Light"

>Set top LED on the Garage Overhead to R0G0B160 when on

>Variable>Garage Light Top=True

>delay 2 seconds

>?If variable >Garage Light Top is True

>Stop Timer "Garage Light"

>Set top LED on the Garage>Overhead to red when on

Is this the correct approach to this? Do I need a delay in Program #2? I suspect this is a simple fix, any help very much appreciated! I am on HE 1.7.4, curious how to fix in either Program #1 or 2.

Thanks very much.


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I did a writeup on this on C4Central I believe.

One thing I can see right away (I am tired) that you need to do is insert a delay in program #1.

When variable -> Garage Multi Tap Changes

Delay 1 second

?IF variables->Garage Multitap EQUAL 1


Without the delay it won't work.

I'll look at this more tomorrow when I am not so tired.

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ILoveC4, thanks very much for your reply.

I got it working! Had seen your write up and incorporated delay but would not work...I probably did something wrong because now is working (I refreshed Navs, maybe that was it).

The only really minor, picky thing is that if light is ON without timer (Double Tap and Top LED is Red) after turning light OFF, on subsequent immediate Single Tap (light ON with timer) the top LED comes up Red just for a flash before it turns to the default Blue. I tried adding some lines of code (if light off>top LED black, etc) but still same behavior. I have bottom LED on default blue if light OFF. Anyway, I am good now!

Thanks again,


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