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Version 2.4 of iPhone App posted on iTunes


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The latest version of the iPhone / iPod Touch app has been posted to the Apple iTunes App Store for everyone to download and install.

Various defect fixes including but not limited to:

Control4 1.8 version changes.

Duplication of thermostats in certain projects.

Security keypad issues in certain projects.

Portrait to Landscape switching view issues.

Album artwork retrieval issues.

Improvements in camera movie display.

Display of diacritic characters in certain languages.

Device Driver support updates (requires getting an updated version of the Control4 project)

Added new language support including: Afrikaans, Croation, Czech, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish

ps. Just wait till the iPad app - it is hot

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ps. Just wait till the iPad app - it is hot

...can't sleep with the anticipation :D

Your app is 100% awesome. I can even control Sonos from within your C4 app! :cool:

...I have a special request:

if it's not asking to much can you include EV's Sonos driver embedded control into the ipad app as well :cool:

You guys totally, absolutely rock :):):)

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I have updated and am still having artwork retreival issues. I done update on Iphone. Even deleted and reloaded still no dice.

Any suggestions what I am doing wrong? Is it possibel Iphone has something cached? If so how do I make sure it is cleared?

Thanks in advance.


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