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Can C4 thermostat control multiple outputs


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I think I read almost every post in this section yesterday without finding this question. And I don't recall that the answer was on the data sheet, either, but it's at our other house now so I can't check.

I have radiant floor heat in that house and have a C4 thermostat to control the main zone which I use to monitor/control the temperature remotely. What I'd like to be able to do is temporarily switch all three upstairs zones to be controlled by this one thermostat so that the smaller bedroom and bath zones never come on by themselves when I'm away for extended periods. They cause the boiler to short-cycle which is inefficient and provides no benefit when we're gone.

Adding additional C4 thermostats wouldn't solve the problem, because the other rooms might get colder at different times than the main area so their zone would still come on separately.

My question is: what is the technical spec of the C4 thermostat output? Can it safely drive three small 24v solenoid valves? I think it matters whether its output is controlled by a reed relay or by a solid-state relay, and I suspect it's solid-state.

An unrelated curiosity: I haven't found a way to access the daily programs of the thermostat remotely, only via the GUI locally. Does my dealer need to enable something so that I can see those via ComposerHE?

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