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Doorbell Video Camera Picture

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I understand we cannot get a video feed when the doorbell is pressed but how do I get the picture to come up?

I've been messing with the doorbell announcement and at times I can get a popup on the touchscreens when the doorbell is pressed but it's never the image fromt he front door camera.

Can someone snap an image of thier doorbell anouncement programming code so I can copy it?


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It's under announcements. So create an announcement for when the doorbell gets pressed called "doorbell". Select "display navigator text/popup", click "edit text/image" and choose URL. Enter the URL of the image from the camera (check your camera's manual for this info). You can add text as well if you want. Click Add/remove navigators to tell it which devices it should pop up on. Tweak other settings like auto close and whether to show the ok button. Test it by clicking Execute. If it works, add it to the event for your doorbell.

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