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It's not pretty. But effective..


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Cbus lighting relay unit on left wall

APC UPS on floor. That's the serial interface (with the pink cat5) that C4 connects into cbus sitting on the UPS.

The APC also has a serial feed into the HC1000 allowing power state email notifications. (Using Extra vegetable's driver)

Apple network with time capsule router.

Linksys 1x 24 gigiabit and 2x 5 10/100 switches on floor in left corner (out of view)

Express6 video server (out of view)

Tidying up to come :rolleyes:

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Are you going to do some "wire management"?


Yep. Next stage is a 48 port rack mounted gigabit switch in a sound proof rack (with the HC1000) :rolleyes:

My idea from the start was to make this part of the project completely portable. So that the whole rack can be wheeled away with C4/Sonos gear onto the next house. That's what makes C4 so attractive. it's easy to do!

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