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The lock means it's a secure web page...that's all. Your desktop computer has the same thing.

Thank you for tell me that the lock sign means that it's locked.

I know this. On a computer I know where to unlock this but let me rephrase my question now?

How do I unlock the web site on a blackberry?

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Neil, you don't "unlock" the website...on a computer or blackberry. I am saying that means it is a secure website. You don't "unsecure" it, it just encrypts the data to protect it (your password and account numbers).

I don't know why you are having problems accessing secure websites on your Blackberry. I could access them on all my blackberry phones so long as I had a 3G data connection. I have moved from Blackberry to Android, otherwise I would try those sites out.

Sorry I can't help you more. The web browser on the blackberry really sucks. It should get better now after the acquisition of Torch Mobile, who makes a webkit based browser (like the iPhone and Android). I know that doesn't help you today...sorry.

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