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Control4 4 Zone Amplifier, Model C4-8AMP1-B for sale in Raleigh, NC. Item in very nice cosmetic condition and was lightly used in a friend's home. My buddy has downsized considerably causing the sale. He also has a Russound CAV6.6-S2 6 Zone - 6 A/V Source with 4 keypads and remote. It looks to be a sweet looking unit as well.

I am a gadget guy and would love to use these. If I were to build a house or willing to run a bunch of wire, I would be all over it. So, I will just help a buddy try to sell his stuff. Also, I know this is my first post and I am selling some nice gear. My user name on ebay is keithmm and audiogon it's Diggler, so feel free to check it out. Contact me at keithmcg AT nc.rr.com and I can provide pictures if anyone is interested. Items will go to ebay in a couple of weeks but I thought this forum may be interested.


C4 Amp - $599

Russound System - $1299



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