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Kwikset Lock-Kwikset will replace the lock only. Not the zigbee card.


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Here's the latest frustration on my ongoing struggle with the door lock.

1. Battery life is intolerable - 7 - 10 days between changes consistently

2. Firmware will not update - 10 attempts/10 Failures.

I spoke to Kwikset customer service today. They are sending me a new unit (told me to toss the old unit in the garbage! I was very surprised).

However, the Zigbee Pro circuitry will not come with the new lock unit. I was told by Kwikset that that circuitry (daughter card as they call it) was installed by Control4 and that I would have to get in touch with C4 to install the new card.

This is a bit frustrating to say the least.

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I had my original one replaced and it had the card in it. It was a brand new lock. They also sent a call tag for the old one a few days later seperately.

Was it Kwikset or C4 that replaced your lock?

I can't understand why they told me to ditch the old one and why they are not sending me a new Zigbee Card?

It's strange how they're handling me differently than you.

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That doesn't make sense to me, either.


Exactly. I called Kwikset back after reading the post by AVITECH.

They told me: "we are replacing your lock because of the battery drain issue. The firmware update issue is something you have to take up with Control4. You will not be getting a new Zigbee Pro card from us."

I don't understand why they're handling this situation differently than they did AVITECH's. I told them I'm having both issues.


I called kwikset again and was told, "we don't have the ZIGBEE CARDS. They are obtained from Control4."

AVITTECH, did you get your new lock from C4 or from Kwikset?

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Unit sounds defective. I would have the whole unit Replaced / RMA'd.

Of course. But the point I'm trying to make is that Kwikset does not replace the zigbee pro card when they replace the lock. They told me on the phone today that the card is only available from C4.

So, I will get a new lock this week and then what? I have to send it to C4 for the new card, apparently.

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It's all been resolved now. I called Kwikset again today and spoke with a different customer service person.

He is sending me a new lock with the zigbee card and he contradicted everything that I was told by a different customer service guy this past Satruday.

Also, they do want the defective lock back and will send me a call tag.

So, I will be receiving two new locks (1 from my calls on Saturday - coming without the zigbee card, and another lock from my call today - with a new zigbee card).

My advice is to make sure you get a customer service rep on the phone that is completely informed about the Control4/Kwikset arrangement.

It took me 4 phone calls in total to get it right.

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Kwikset replaced my doorlock. If you read the thread from the top you'll see that I was initially told (incorrectly) that I could get a new lock but that they (Kwikset) would not replace the zigbee card. Well, that turned out to be false once I called a few days later and got a different customer service rep.

To make a long story short, I received two locks, both with zigbee cards, and so far I installed one of them while removing the defective one. My dealer updated the firmware successfully and I'm waiting to see how well the battery life works out.

Kwikset will be sending a call tag to pickup the defective lock.

Meanwhile, I have an unused, brand new, zigbee doorlock that I don't plan on using. Funny how things work out when a customer service rep is not well informed.

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