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ElkM1 driver that uses IP


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Elk provides the M1XEP that provides for 2-way status and control of the M1 over IP. However, C4 chose to supply a serial driver that hogs the only serial port that the M1XEP is required to connect to. basically eliminating it and its use to many other applications that support the IP driven information and control.

applications like Homeseer and/or Cinemar's Mainlobby now have no means for communication. in fact, to even update the M1 or use the ElkRP software you have to physically go down to the panel and pull the RS232 cable and attach your computer ... even to do little things like update some programming of the Elk.

why would such an IP savvy company like Control4 do it this way? geez louise.

my wish? fix it.

this will become the killer hardware platform for home automation we are all begging for.

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I also just realized that with Elks M1 we can have mulitple serial expansion ports making it possible to keep one on IP for remote RP programming and one solid hard line for C4 intergration. ;)

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