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Wireless Electricity


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Just came across the company WiTricity that is working on room-scale transfer of electric power wirelessly.


Would be great for all of us if they can make it work and the technology becomes commercially viable (and adopted by C4). The team is out of MIT with excellent credentials so although initially skeptical I'm now thinking it's just a matter of time and how much power they're able to deliver.

Quoting one MIT senior official

This technology will be the medium to tie the existing electric grid to a broad range of mobile and wireless devices and enable the development of radically new and improved consumer, commercial, and industrial devices. WiTricity is now actively developing the core technology and additional intellectual property that will take this spectacular invention and turn it into commercially available products.

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I'm not entirely sure. But I did read about this venture company very interesting and it was not that far off. I believe they are responsible for the current power pads out in the market right now. The pads you rest your phone etc and it charges without physical connection.

It gives new meaning to "you can feel the electricity in the air"

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