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I know that this is probably a fairly basic question, but I am trying to set up the following conditions for when the cable is turned on in our family room:

If time is between 6:20 AM and 6:40 AM

go to channel 41 of the Family Room->Cable – Family

If time is between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM

go to channel 11 on the Family Room->Cable - Family

My problem is that the first condition works, but the second one does not. That is, when it is between 8 and 10, the TV does not go to channel 11.

What am I doing wrong?


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Are you trying to program to when the power turns on - on the cable box in your family room?? Most cable boxes do not have a discrete power on IR code, so is your cable box on all the time?? Or are you using a toggle command?? I leave mine on all the time so the system would never be able to program based on power on. Not sure if the power toggle command alerts the system that the cable box is on UNLESS you use a Video Sense Loop? I know my old Blu-ray player only had a Power Toggle IR code and until I used the Video Sense Loop it would not program based on Power On. Glad the new Blu-ray player had discrete power IR commands ;)

I would try programming under the Room and then Room Values - Current Selected device. See my attached screen shot. >>>>>>PLEASE NOTE that Maxent LCD is a ROOM in my project not a device.

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I have this under the "When Family Room->Cable - Family turns on"

Like I said above, it worked when I just had the single conditional (6:20 to 6:40), but the 8 to 10 one did not work.

I also tried the programing offered in the above reply and that one did not work either.

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I just realized you're telling to go to channel "11". Two ones, one right after another. This could be the issue. If your repeat count is off and there is no delay between commands it is possible it could only be recognizing as the "1" command being sent once.

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Okay here is a weird one..I went into the programming field while my Living Room TV and HD DVR was on and entered the command line:

Go to channel 41 on the Living Room>Cable HD-DVR and hit the execute button and nothing happened at the cable box end, no IR flash showing command sent

I left that Go to Channel line in but added the following 2 lines as well:

Enter '4" on the Living Room>Cable HD-DVR

Enter '1' on the Living Room>Cable HD-DVR

This time when I hit the execute button it fired the IR command and switched to channel #41

I tried the same with channel 11 with the Go to Channel command nothing ... added the 2 Enter lines for '1' and '1" same success.

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