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Streaming audio performance on HTC


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Can anyone provide some information on what the HTC uses internally for streaming MP3 playback? I'm hoping there might be a way to tweak the settings.

Here's the situation I have:

Two homes networked together with an always on VPN through broadband at each location. Entire MP3 music library is on NAS at the home opposite where the HTC is at.

When I playback MP3s from a desktop at the same location as the HTC, playback is fine. The broadband connections are sufficient to stream the playback without skipping. Using either Windows Media Player or Winamp.

However, playback on the HTC skips often. It can't seem to go for more than a few seconds without skipping.

The broadband should be by far the bottleneck in this situation, but I've already demonstrated that it is sufficient. I'm guessing that either the library Control4 uses for MP3 playback is very poor, or that settings (like cache) are not configured very well to work with a situation like this.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


-David Gates

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If you think the streaming is the problem, you could always put another NAS device (or a cheap external hard drive hooked up to a pc) and use a program like SynchBackSE to keep the devices in synch. It's not a bad way to keep a backup either.

Might be cheaper than trying to troubleshoot it.

Just a thought.

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