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"How Do I" program a sleep timer?

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There is an error here which will cause an endless loop of your TV turning off every 30 minutes.

Resetting a timer also starts it, which is where the problem lies.

I've started a re-draft of my original sleep timer write-up and should have it finished when I get back in town next week.

Aside from that error this is great. Much like the one I did for C4Central about 4 months ago.

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Cody added a nice write up to the blog.



Can someone please explain to me how to program the room variable mentioned in this part of the article?

Thank you for any help.


-In our case, we want to turn off the room we’re in (which is the only room the custom button is active from – however you can add a variable to track which room you’re in when the button is pressed so Control4 will only turn off that room, but allow the button to be accessed from anywhere

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