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Someone who can program my system via 4Sight?

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I had a Control4 system installed by a local integrator a few months back, and all in all, I'm quite happy with it.

However, there are some tweaks I'd like to make to the system -- like adding some more advanced drivers (like the Extra Vegetables 2-Way Driver for the Apple TV, for instance -- http://www.extravegetables.com/control4_appletv.htm). While my dealer did an excellent job installing the hardware, they don't seem particularly knowledgeable about programming the system, especially when it comes to things that go "beyond the basics." I'm in a rural area, so the dealer I've been working with is about 45 miles away, with the next closest being about 100.

That said, I have a 4Sight subscription and my dealer has made some programming changes over the internet. I'm not sure how much of the programming can be changed via 4Sight... but if there's any dealers here who might be able to help take the programming of my system to the next level, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance -- hopefully someone can help me out! =)

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