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'Remote' (programatic) way to set variable values?

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Is there a way to set variable values programatically, from my desktop computer?

I'm thinking of making certain images (say, satellite weather) available on the C4 system. Problem is, the image name continually changes, based on date and time.

I can program the image name *way* easier on my desktop, and then download it locally. If I could then toggle a variable, I could 'notify' Control4 that something was available. Same thing for things like weather alerts, stock market, whatever you like.

Probably is way to do it in a driver but Control4 WON'T LET ME! Seems only the Annointed are allowed to play with DriverWorks, or whatever the heck their driver framework is. Pity really, I've been developing software for almost 30 years, I'm pretty sure I could figure it out for myself. :(

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