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Apple Airport and Linksys router


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I am going to be installing a system this week, and I wanted to get everyone's opinion:

The client has the following equipment - Apple Airport router, Vonage internet phone service, Cox Cable Modem

I will be adding a Linksys router for the C4 equipment (Ethernet wired from router to switch to equipment).

My question is, how can I wire his system so that I can run the C4 equipment and his Mac stuff, while allowing his Vonage internet phone service to function? Would it be :

Internet Svc -

Cable Modem -

Linksys Router - 5 Port Switch - C4 equipment

- Apple Airport

- Vonage Internet phone router


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Thanks Dan for the info. So does anyone know how the Apple Airport piece works? Is it actually a router, in which case I can't plug it into the Linksys router, or is it a Switch with built-in WiFi access point? I'm not a mac guy, but this client is going to want his apple network up and running the same day I take it down in order to get the C4 equip running.

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There are 2 ports on the back of the airport one for LAN and one for WAN. You'll plug into LAN port, and from there into the switch. At that point, power the airport on. Depending on whether you're configuring the airport from a PC or Mac, follow the directions that come with in the box. It's fairly straightforward and you can post up if you have any further questions. That should definitely get you to a good point, no less, Rob.


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