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Ok, I have two zones off a MC16 amp which usually will want the same source and volume...got that.

i created a container for the volume, a custom button with variable to "control" setting zone 2 to the same source as zone 1 or disconnect it if i want it "muted" (because a container with the volume controls will "unmute" zone 2 on change...this took a minute to figure out!)

BUT, There are times when I'd like zone 1 or 2 at different volume levels...how would one accomplish this? I played with programming for a while o avoid the container, but I don't see how to do it. What I'd like is to set zone 2's volume to zone 1's volume, but since I can only specify a vlaue, not another variable in the command...is it possible?



P.S. This C4 stuff is pretty cool...as a professional developer I see lots of room for improvement, but still cool!

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could you write a script that followed the logic of whenever you change the volume in zone 1 set the volume in zone 2 to be the same. You might be able to do this using variables. that would allow you to adjust volume in zone 2 without affecting zone 1 but whenever you adjust in zone 1 zone1=zone2 volume level.

I don't have composer infront of me right now so I have no idea if this is possible, just an idea.

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that's what i want to do, but you cant set volume to the volume of another zone...or from a programming perspective, you can only use literals like volume=50 or volume = volume + 1...not volume = <some other volume variable>...

unless i'm missing something...


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i think you can do it but it'll take ALOT of repetitive steps

for zone one

select room variables and AUDIO_VOLUME_DEVICE (in device events)

when AUDIO_VOLUME_DEVICE changes (script)

? if zone 1>AUDIO_VOLUME_DEVICE = 1 (actions-conditionals on zone 1)

> zone 2>AUDIO_VOLUME_DEVICE = 1 (actions-commands on zone 2)

? if zone 1>AUDIO_VOLUME_DEVICE = 2


? if zone 1>AUDIO_VOLUME_DEVICE = 3


? if zone 1>AUDIO_VOLUME_DEVICE = 4



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