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Timers vs Delay

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So I'm continuing my journey of C4 programming. I'm looking at the different Agents, and 'Timers' caught my eye. Now as far as capabilities, it appears that 'Delay' has a little more functionality - sub-second delays, timer is limited to 1 second resolution. I use Delay to implement blinking buttons, since the delay is about 500 ms.

Assuming the event requires > 1 second resolution, how does one choose timers or Delay?

Timers are easier to use for repeated events, but delays can do this as well, with a little help from auxiliary variables.

So - are there any implementation details that would affect whether one would use timers or Delay? Delay is a blocking call, which can simplify coding in simple (non-repetative) cases. Do timers work any better that they make up for the coding complexities of implementing one-off delays?

As an aside - since all this stuff is available in HE, would it really kill C4 to put out some docs on available functionality? I've got a metric crap-ton of attributes on various devices that I can twiddle, but no docs on what they do other than their names.

MSDN for C4, anyone? Maybe I should start a Wiki, and see if people will contribute to it to document things...

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MHotchin...hold off on the Wiki...I think there might be something coming online soon =)

I prefer times over delays in most instances. Delays stop all programming in the script, where timers can run in the back ground.

I typically only use delays in press and hold or multi-tap setup scenarios, but when you're after a tried and true delay, only a delay will do.

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