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What are these Room Variables and how do they get set?

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I looked in Help without finding an explanation. Nothing here either.

My Theater has many room variables that I assume are essentially Control4 defaults. I have several questions:

1. Do they get set automatically by the system or is explicit programming required?

2. If I change the value of a variable (e.g., CURRENT_SELECTED_DEVICE or CURRENT_VOLUME), does that automatically change the device being used?

3. What does "LINKED" mean (e.g., VOLUME_IS_LINKED)?

4. What exactly IS the CURRENT_SELECTED_DEVICE? Is it the current audio/video source for the room? I assume it's not, since the video device is always different from the audio device. So what is it?

Edit: Another question: Is there a way in Composer or otherwise to read the current value of any of these? Seems like I saw something months ago about downloading the XML file, but I'm looking for something more specific if possible.

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1. The variables are populated and changed by the system.

2. If I recall some of the variables are read only and some are read write.

3. Don't know.

4. CURRENT_SELECTED_DEVICE is the device in that room that is currently selected. It can be used in programming to control what buttons on the remote do.

on button press #


emit IR code


emit different IR code

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I'm attempting to document it, that's one reason I started my blog. There's been some hiccups along the way as most people here know, but hopefully we'll have it up soon.

I too wish they had better documentation available to end users.

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