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New Apple MacMini with HDMI


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Cool. More grunt and memory. HDMI. Great! Was the main "missing link". SD slot a nice touch for quick photo looks etc

For a great Mac media player/Control4 solution, search this forum on XBMC, and Mira ;)

For a nifty media server option search Sage TV. Is there a 2 way driver for Sage yet?

But where is the Blu-Ray??? :rolleyes:

I'm with you on the blu-ray, but I have a player already so not a huge deal. Can a dealer quote me on an xbmc driver?

I think im about to put my order in for one tonight, gotta love free equipment :)

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Im holding out for the next Apple TV, $699 for that is still pretty pricey. Next Apple TV will supposedly be near Iphone size for $99, handle full 1080p, but the big question mark is if the XBMC developers will find a way to install it on what will probably be a pretty locked down ATV with minimal, if any, internal storage.

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