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I am looking to do some integration for a commercial office space. We will be having a NVR server for mega pixel / HD camera, access control and security all integrated so that the following is the sequence of operations.

Valid card presented

takes a video clip of the person presenting valid card

dis arm the alarm system

and unlcok door

The items above are done with integration of the NVR system and security system into the access control. In addition integrating the security system into the access control system allows me to see and operate the security system from my access control.

I would like to take it one step futher by having C4 integrated into the system as well to turn on / off lights. music and open and close shades along with setting the HVAC. I would like the system to be integrated via IP or 232 so I can have control from a touch panel or OSD. The follwing is the equipment that will be used for the access control,CCTV and I have a few options with secrutiy for integration in to the access control system.

CCTV NVR server ExacqVision www.exacq.com

Access Control system RS2 Technologies www.rs2tech.com

My options for secrutiy are Digital Monitoring Products XR100N or XR500N control panels or Bosch 7412 or 9412 control panels



Does control 4 have 2 way drivers for any of these systems.

Thanks for the info and help.

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