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Updated Composer- Got mucho problems - Cannot change/add components


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Problem: Upgraded composer to lastest verion, updated all hardware, reset power, tried to remove old HP and add new Samsung, now HT controller and 10.5" only show the new Samsung (which I cannot control) and removes all other component.

(If it helps: I have a media controller and 2 HT contollers, amp/ switch, ~ 55 switches/dimmers, 4 6 buttons, 3 mini touch pannels)

Severity: cannot use 10.5 or remote for TV/Video

Steps to reproduce: Simply delete HP and add Samsung TV


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I know this might sound stupid, but did you refresh the Navigator after making all the changes?

You might also what to check the accessible and in-accessible devices under Ssytem Design to make sure Control4 thinks they are still controllable and there are specific A/V routes through the components.

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