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Power amps with audio sense inputs


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Anybody out there use power amps that turn on with audio sensing inputs? When not sensing

audio (and therefore turned off) is the power consumption near zero?

How about using an IO extender to turn on an amps external trigger when audio is needed in a


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You know the C4 amp has audio sense, right?

Actually, it sounds like you're looking something to power on based on audio sense. As I'm sure you're aware the C4 amp is always on, and from what I understand it's quite power hungry.

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Yea, there is one 8 zone C4 amp in the system now but the rest of the zones have separate 2 channel

power amps. Instead of keeping those separate amps on all time, I'm looking at things to turn them off

until they are needed.

I think I read that the 4 zone amp is pretty efficient at idle so that may be a choice (but I'd like to do

something cheaper). Among other things I'm also thinking about is a switched outlet on the power strip

for the rest of the amps but I'd rather control them individually. Dataprobe makes a powerstrip that

uses contact closures for controlling each of it's 8 outlets and I was thinking of using that with spare relays

on IO extenders to power amps only as they are needed. We've been told that the programming for that

isn't all that easy.

In the end I'm not sure we'll do anything but it would be nice not to have those amps powered and doing


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You could plug them in to C4 outlet switches couldn't you?

Yea, as I look at it, that's probably the way to go. It would require 4 (as there are

7 amps) but I guess that's still cheaper than some of the other alternatives.

I just remember the installer saying that they tried that on an install and that it wasn't

fun or it didn't work right or something. I would have thought that the programming

would be something like "when audio is selected for the zone, turn on the outlet on the

outlet switch". I'll have to look at that a little more.


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