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Not sure about WMA, but I'm sure if I asked I'd be told it was happening in 1.3!

This site looks very cool, as I'm currently trying to build myself a new hi-quality music library of WAVs on a 400gb drive. (upgrading my stereo playback to some cool new equip.)

A client recently showed me this. Which is somehow legal in Russia and very interesting. You can download in WAV files for around $.90/ song.

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Just because it is on the Internet doesn't make it legal :)

I'll second and third that! You guys should be careful - I could put my entire music library up for $1.00 - doesn't make it legal for you guys to 1) Buy it and 2) use it! There is no license so that should tell you something!

Also - remember just a few months ago - the music industry was trying to get iTunes to RAISE it's rates?? They wanted music to be charged at a higher rate then $.99 per song and $9.99 for an album!??! So if that's in the works - why would you think they'd have approved $1.00 for an album somewhere else?! "Things that make you go... hmmmmm...."

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