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Audio end points problem!!!


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Hello to all...........

I am stuck in strange problem , and have made every possible combination of connection to get my project work.

Here is the scenario:

I have 1 HC-200 , one MTS, and One 8 channels C4 amplifier.

What i want to do is play announcement , using custom button! i have created announcement , that plays a .wav file and and have programmed it to play it as custom button is pressed. Simple!! isnt it?

plus, there is a question ! if we create an announcement and add a sound file, it would go to HC-200 memory? please answer


AUDIO OUT of controller ----> first AUDIO IN of amplifier

Set Audio end point as Amplifier( though i have tried setting this to HC-200 too, but it still dint work)

Set amplifier as AUDIO IN# 1 ----> Output to all Zones/channels ( Attached speakers to all channels)

Thats all!........... I have tried so many combination but i cant hear any announcement!.... P Lease help me!!! what is that i am still missing????

Please post every possible reason!... Thanks in advance! :(

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i have found that i am getting this error on navigator when i play any media files "Unable to play selected media"

what are the possible reasons:

I have my media in Flash drive formatted in FAT32, and i can play the mp3 files by directly playing from PC.

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Thank you all of you for not replying! atleast it made me to keep on my research on this problem, and ultimately i discovered it!

My composer was infected by a virus!........... It was doing everything fine , but when we try to access any device in connection , it stop executing anything on controller........looks like a security in director itself...

SO, Format your disk, reinstall OS, reinstall Composer , but with a good antivirus......... CHaos

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