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^And how does one deal with multiple WAPs?

The MSM317 is basically a 4 port switch with WiFi Access. You have an uplink port that is connected to a POE switch. As far as management goes you can use a number of different tools, SNMP, RADIUS, HP ProCurve Manager, HP ProCurve Mobility Manager, HTTP (Web Interface), etc.

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Yes, but guys, you still need the MSM7xx controller. Want to guess what that costs?

Do you know, or just asking? :)

Just checked on HP online and a MSM710 is retail for just under $1000.. There's a 710, 730, 750, 760, 765, 765zi models to be had...

Looks like the 710 supports up to 10 AP's, and the 760 supports unlimited APs.. big difference in price though - the 760 is $9000.

Looks like the little one is for offices where the walls intercept Wifi too much, and the big boy is for carrier-level services. The features list includes features like a captive portal and guest access management features for authentication. (Think any public wifi hotspot that intercepts whatever URLs you type in and sends you to their login page)

I always wondered how they did that...?

Very cool.

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^Correct, just asking. It looks as though Cisco and Netgear are head-to-head on their product lineups. Netgear recently released small-business controllers for those who don't need the large enterprise unit.

I'm still not understanding how multiple WAPs are used say for example in a VoIP case or just plain roaming. Are the wall units meshed together intelligently?? Do they modulate power, listen for rogues and change channels as needed???

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