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Composer HE & Upgrade Cost & 4-site Rumor?


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couple of quick questions.

1. Composer HE still 149?

2. Upgrade to 2.0? Does it come with HE if you purchase it?

3. Any more rumors on the 1 year 4site going away and a flat monthly rate going into effect?

4. If #3 is not true what is the going rate for an Ipad licence?

5. If #3 IS true will it include the Iphone and Ipad licence?

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1. yes - it includes one year of 4sight

2. no - upgrading to 2.0 doesn't give you a copy of HE, unless you negotiate that with your dealer

3. this was supposedly going to happen with 2.0, but it hasn't happened yet

4. MSRP is $99 per device. That is also dealer cost, so most dealers are charging $149 installed (what I paid for my iPad. I think that's fair).

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