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For sale: Security Camera DVR; 24vdc rack mount power supply; ReadyNas


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Guys - This is a partial repost and a complete list of what I have up for sale. I'm doing some house cleaning and figured I'd post here first. All equipment is fully functional and in great shape.

* H.264 IC Realtime commercial grade 8 camera security DVR (Flex8E specs below) $600

* Altronix 24vdc 8 port rack mountable power supply $75

* ReadyNas Duo (this is the two bay model) $150

Assuming you're a frequent poster I have no problem shipping to you guys.

All reasonable offers will be considered - please PM me. Any questions let me know.


The original post got a bit off topic so for continuity I'm including the original post:

Guys - I have an 8 channel security DVR available that I just took out of service. The unit is only about 9 months old. It's an IC Reatime 8E. This is the advanced version of the flex DVR. The unit is in beautiful shape and comes in it's original box with standard accessories (many orf which are unopened). You can check the specs here: http://www.icrealtime.com/solutions/dvrpage.asp?productid=dvr808e

If anyone is looking for solid commercial grade analog camera DVR - that is Internet ready and viewable via your smartphone - with all the bells and whistles - this is it.

BTW, I also have an Altronix 24vdc rack mount power supply available as well. This pairs up nicely with the above DVR in a rack and will power 8 cameras.

PM me if you're interested.

Edited to add: As far as C4 integration is concerned, this unit has 2 discrete video out cards.

1) One can be hooked into a component matrix switch (via a VGA to component adapter like this http://www.smarthome.com/777060/VGA-to-Component-Video-Converter/p.aspx ) for distribution to your house TV's much like any other video source. The DVR can be controlled via an IR driver (similar to a DVD player or cable box).


2) The second can be hooked to a digital video encoder like the Panny 301 or Axis 241Q which will allow the camera images to be displayed on any C4 navigator display (touch panel, TV, 4Sight, etc)

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