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The CEDIA 2010 Thread


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Though the show floor doesnt open until the 23rd, we're already seeing some information come out in regards to Control4. I'll keep this first post updated as info comes out.

Eragy Introduces Energy Management and Smart Home Monitoring Services

Eragy, Inc., a leading provider of smart home software applications and services for home energy management and monitoring, today unveiled their first suite of applications for Control4 dealers and homeowners. With its unique vision, Eragy is the only company in the industry delivering home energy monitoring, intelligent home energy management and smart home monitoring services. Eragy’s initial suite of software applications will enable homeowners to monitor their energy consumption and better understand how they can reduce their energy bills. Eragy’s products are designed to work with a number of 3rd party energy monitors and will give homeowners several options for whole house and individual circuit monitoring. Eragy’s initial products are designed to work seamlessly with affordable Control4® home automation systems. “The Eragy Energy 4Store™ Application and the Eragy Energy driver allow homeowners to monitor and manage their home’s energy consumption right from their TV,” stated Eric Smith, Chief Evangelist, Control4, “Innovative apps like these truly enhance the usability and functionality of a Control4® system and provide dealers with valuable solutions for their customers.”


Yamaha Aventage AV Receivers Offer Web Control

The flagship model – the RX-A3000 – will cost $2,499, and is sporting HDMI 1.4 for 3D support. In addition to fully customisable SD video upscaling, the A3000 also offers three zone support, has eight HDMI inputs and two outputs, all supporting the audio return channel. The built-in network support allows for internet radio, streaming music from your PC (including FLAC support), and DLNA 1.5, but also complete web control via anything with a web browser. While we’re on control, all the new Aventage lineup has full support for Control4, Crestron and AMX custom controllers for professional installations, and all models will come with a $179 YDS-12 iPod dock included in the price.

There are also a few lower end models which don’t offer the same power output or quite the same level of customisation in terms of video upscaling, but still have similar features and build quality. All Aventage receivers will be available exclusively through specialist dealers.


Control4 named as one of five Denon centennial partners

Denon Electronics, a premier manufacturer of high-quality home entertainment components celebrating 100 years of innovation and technology leadership, is proud to announce its five Denon Centennial Partners, including Audyssey, Control4, Dolby Laboratories, DTS and HD Radio. Each of these five companies is being recognized by Denon for the pivotal role their technologies have played in the creation of Denon products throughout the years and continue to play in the company’s future. Specific information about Denon’s five Centennial Partners may be found at http://usa.denon.com/100partner.

Five Outstanding Companies Who Have Helped Create the “Denon Experience”

Denon’s five Centennial Partners are all joining Denon at CEDIA 2010 to help the company celebrate its 100th anniversary and longstanding “Legacy of Firsts.” Each of these companies has made key contributions to the creation of Denon products and to the uniquely powerful “Denon Experience.” Here are brief descriptions of each company and the Denon products in which their technologies are incorporated:

• Control4: Control4, a leading provider of the operating system for the smart home, delivers intelligent control of consumer electronics products, appliances and networking systems through an easy-to-use and intuitive software interface. Founded in 2003, the company delivers affordable automation and control of lighting, music, video, HVAC, security, and energy management systems. Denon Control4 Certified products include all A/V receiver CI Series Models, as well as the DVD-A1UDCI and DBP-4010CI Universal Blu-ray Disc players and the AVP-A1HDCI A/V surround sound and video processor.


Emotiva Pro Builds Processor/Receiver with Control4 Inside

Emotiva (Pavilion #1836) will launch a new division called Emotiva Pro and demo its first line of products for CE pros. The most notable introduction will be the PMC-1, an HDMI 1.4 processor/7.1 receiver with built-in Control4. Those two worlds will first merge in the PMC-1, a 7.1-channel audio/video processor with seven HDMI inputs. Inside the component is a full HC200 Control4 processor that offers “the same I/Os as the HC200, minus the component video,” says Laufman. The A/V and automation in the first-generation product “looks like two pieces,” says Laufman. In future generations, “the Control4 operating system will be completely resident in our hardware.” Even as two separate pieces integrated internally, the Emotiva/Control4 solution still brings plenty of value, Laufman explains. Emotiva will have samples of the PMC-1 at CEDIA Expo, with a formal release scheduled for January 2011.

The MSRP is suggested to be $2,999.


Fusion Research adds Boxee to their media servers

Fusion integrates the many Boxee services into a content management system that already includes the user’s own DVDs, CDs and downloaded movies and music, “creating a single entertainment solution for both storage and streaming digital media,” according to the company. All of the content is available via a TV interface or through third-party control systems such as Control4. “Utilizing the Boxee application has been a main goal of ours,” says Fusion president Joseph Storm. “While other media servers offer single applications with limited functionality, the Boxee service currently includes 200 applications and a further 200 TV shows and we believe they will continue to be a leading provider of streaming content for a very long time.” The service will be included on future Fusion media servers at no charge. Fusion’s multiroom media systems start at $2,995 MSRP.


Sharp's Aquos Quattron 3D TVs have Control4 Certified IP drivers

Sharp made US 3D fans very happy today by announcing the immediate availability of its new 52 and 60-inch AQUOS Quattron 3D TVs at CEDIA. The LED backlight side-mount scanning LE925 series starts at $4199 with the bigger brother going for $5299, feature two pairs of 3D glasses bundled in, a dynamic contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1 and IP control plus RS-232 for home automation fans. The Ethernet port or optional WiFi adapter can also be used to stream Netflix, VUDU or a variety of other over the top video services. What's interesting is that Sharp is claiming its 4th color (yellow) Quattron technology offers a brighter image which can overcome the dimming, that 3D glasses are known for. "The LE925 series also includes IP Control technology. Similar to the conventional RS-232C usage, the IP control feature enables a PC or Control Panel to control basic TV functions, video and audio equipment and lighting via the Ethernet terminal. The IP Control technology is Control4® Certified and has been rigorously tested in Control4® Labs for interoperability with the Control4® platform."



Yale shows door locks with Control4 integration


Yale is showing two locks, including a unit with a built-in keypad and one with a touchscreen that reveals a digital keypad when you swipe it with three fingers. Assa Abloy is a leader in access control in the commercial/industrial market – pioneering door locks with built-in WiFi - but this is the company’s first venture into the residential space with electronic locks. “This is the first lock we built from the ground up just for this market,” says Williams. Yale is showing the locks working with software the company wrote for Control4’s 4Store app store. Our video shows how the locks can be triggered remotely via Control4, how users can be logged into the system, and how delays can be set in the software, for example, locking the door 30 seconds after it is unlocked. A computer or automation system is not required to program the Yale locks. The products have small speakers built in, and voice prompts to assist in programming. Up to 250 codes can be stored in the locks, which should be ample for very large households. The touchscreen lock is virtually indestructible, as Yale shows in a “durability” video. The thing can endure rain, cold, sledgehammers, crowbars and even blow torches. One problem with electronic door locks in the residential market is that the plunder seldom matches right up to the strike. Often, you have to push or pull the knob to get it just right. To solve this issue, the Yale bolts have a slight taper “so you have a little more play,” says Williams. “It solves about 90- to 95-percent of the cases. The strike that receives it is also a little bit wider.” Yale does not plan to create its own Internet gateway for the locks or develop its own back-end service like Schlage Link. Schlage Link is a suite of home-control products, including electronic door locks, that communicate with Schlage’s own automation server. The service starts at $9 per month. The Yale products will retail for about $200 to $400. They are expected to ship in the spring of 2011.


Control4 gets Pandora support through Extra Vegetbales' SONOS driver

Completely integrate a Sonos system with Control4. Use this driver to extend the capabilities of a Sonos system to provide a single control for both music and other audio sources.

Alternatively use a Sonos player as a music and internet radio source in a Control4 system. Simply use an un-amplified Sonos ZonePlayer at the head end.

Now in Version 2.x of Control4 the driver provides cover art on the now playing screen. It fully supports all music library choices. It also supports Internet Radio Favorites, Napster, iheartradio, Sirius internet radio, Last.FM and PANDORA. Music listings are retrieved from the Sonos system in real time - no synchronization is required. Compatible with Control4 OS 1.7, 1.8 and 2.x


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It looks like there will be nothing really new at Cedia from control4 itself.


The only "news" is just a few new partners announce relationships with control4 (and old partners announce they are still making C4 compatible products). If there were a little yawning icon available, I would put it at the end of this sentence.:/

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I'm crossing my fingers for an hdmi enabled control4 unit.. otherwise I'm waiting another year :-(

They just refreshed the controllers. You'll probably be waiting a bit.

yeah... I had a hope that they'd surprise us though

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I'm crossing my fingers for an hdmi enabled control4 unit.. otherwise I'm waiting another year :-(

They just refreshed the controllers. You'll probably be waiting a bit.

I think that wait will be shorter than you think.

Not earlier than maybe January at CES I'm predicting. C4 doesn't replace an updated product so quickly.

Overall, it looks like Control4 is content with showcasing 2.0 and the new touch screens for this year's CEDIA. Kind of a letdown, but I guess we should be happy 2.0 made it in time...

Anything new on the video distribution front, from JAP, Atlona, etc.?

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3fingerbrown, do you remember how short of life the HC1000V2 had?

Here's what I see happening with the HC200/300. They've made the switch to the new processor because they probably fulfilled their commitment on quantity purchase and ran out. They wanted something more powerful so they bumped up the processor. They probably still have god knows how many component cards sitting around. If you ask me, the current HC200 and HC300 are transition devices. Once the component cards (video cards) run out, you'll see HDMI introduced.

This is exactly why the HC1000V2 existed. It got the new processor, but they still had a bunch of the old HC1000V1 chassis (more expensive). The new processor in the old chassis made the HC1000V2. When the old chassis ran out and they got the new one, the HC1000V3 was born.

Disclaimer: Of course, this is just my (probably shortsighted) observations and thoughts. It isn't like I really have anyone to talk to that knows what's going on =)

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The 1000v3 was the processor change from core2duo to dual core atom... iirc the v2 introduced solid state drive and upgraded power supply.

Im most certain the new 200/300 are being made in a different factory with slightly different board. The v2 was needed because the driver was different as a result as otherwise you wouldn't know the difference.

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^ what news are you looking for, that's already been announced...for station(s) and all. dgbrown posted a link to an installation document that has part numbers for the for stations with and without cameras. They're available with analog or IP camera.

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