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Downgrade a controller ZigbeePro to Embernet


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I wonder if it's possible to downgrade a zigbeepro controller to embernet by editing the zsrv.conf before downgrading from a USB stick? or is it called something else on a zigbeepro controller - zsrv2.conf?

it might be possible if you edit zsrv.conf


and make sure this is in there along with the files in the appropriate directories








after downgrading also make sure that DirectorConfig.xml has :

<setting name="useoldzserver" type="bool">1</setting>

I know this won't help downgrade other zigbeepro devices (light switches, remotes, etc.), but it might come in handy for use in a replacement controller. Unfortunately, I have no way to test this.

Has anyone tried something that works?

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Why is it everything on here has to be a conspiracy? It certainly *may* work to downgrade to Embernet some way, but it's certainly not supported or Warrantied by Control4. Feel free to try it at your own risk.

The fact that downgrading controllers' ZigBee to Embernet is not supported is *NOT* the same as Control4 going through extra effort to ensure that it *won't* work.

The controllers *certainly can* downgrade to Embernet. They have it built-in, and do it on command, but it's in the context of allowing dealers to upgrade Embernet devices to Pro, after the main system has already been upgraded to Pro. It's a manual process, the dealer can select one or more controllers to be 'upgrade' controllers, which changes their radio back to Embernet, so they can talk to existing devices.

The hardware / software is not setup to downgrade the front panel ZigBee hardware permanently to Embernet. Since the device upgrade is pretty much one-way (i.e. there isn't room to hold both firmwares on the dimmer), there's no real need for Control4 to support a downgrade of controllers.

Control4 has gone through extra effort to ensure that both the 'full' upgrade to Pro as well as upgrading Embernet devices after the main system has updated to Pro works quite well.


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