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Lighting Control Question

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Will someone please explain to me how you would wire up the following scenario with dimmer and 6 button keypad.

In a living room, I have various lighting that I want to control.

1. 4 Wall sconces - 110V

2. 3 Drop Pendant Lights - 110V

3. 3" Recessed Spot lights - Low Voltage

4. 4" Recessed Drop Lights - 110V

I want to be able to turn on each of these 4 sets of lights independently of each other, does this require that they all have their own dimmer?

I want to have a 6-button keypad controll all 4 sets of lights for various scenes. Do the switches and lights all have to be on the same circuit to be controlled?

Thanks in advance:cool::rolleyes:

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Each Lighting Load that is to be controlled separately requires a separate dimmer.

The Switches and Lights do NOT have to be on the same electrical circuit to be controlled, as the control signals go over zigbee (wireless) to the controller, and then back to other lights. The signal does not travel on the power lines, so no requirement to be on the same circuit.


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